i had one of these apocalyptic end of the world chaos is fun kind of dreams where there was an impending typhoon, tsunami or other unidentifiable ‘water crisis’ and to celebrate or to forget, there was a mega concert where sheryl crow was playing to an audience of 40000 people outside. and eric clapton was accompanying her on the guitar while manning two gigantic mixing desks that were vertically positioned with huge knobs and faders. the water was starting to creep in on the edges of the people and no one minded that the edges were drowning, people just pushed in closer to each other.  nobody seemed to care that it was the end of the world, everyone was happy and having the best time, like they were drunk and high, aware that the end was now but still thrilled and happy to be alive.  and then marilyn manson and weird al were taking turns at cajoling people running on the highways and into abandoned houses and out again as they fled, as everyone ran, and weird al kept expanding and contracting from human to satyr complete with medievally-illustrated grotesque goat legs and massive cock and back to human again while singing about the end of the world via contemporary pop hits.  and in one of these abandoned houses a door opened and it was filled with this cerulean electric glowing blue water but it stayed right where it was at the door like it was kept by glass as a fishtank but no glass was there, and there were mirages of gigantic blue eyes flitting in and out of the water in high definition like a plasma alternative splashing contentedly with itself.  i go back outside and people are still running, there is a sense of water creeping behind, marilyn and weird al are long gone and i’m with a few friends, and there’s loads of debris and house junk just left by people as they’ve fled.  and a huge wind picks up but we’re not affected by it though everything else starts blowing and flying away.  the funniest thing was the 8 foot in diameter frying pan that took off and shot straight through someone’s empty above ground pool on the side of the road, leaving a massive hole through one side and out the other.

George Carlin on Individuality

Pakretuone, 28/06/14, 3 AM

Live @ St. John-at-Hackney, London, 19/06/14

Paul Elliman