Other: Frieze Interview

Frieze Interview


Frieze Interview

Other: Perfume Genius – Die 4 You (Laurel Halo Remix)

Perfume Genius – Die 4 You (Laurel Halo Remix)

released 8 June 2018 on Matador Records 



I wrote the score for an upcoming feature length documentary film by Metahaven, featuring cello by Oliver Coates and violin by Galya Bisengalyvia 🖤 premiering at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 30 January 🖤 more info: https://iffr.com/en/programme-2018

Laurel Halo Possessed



praxis houston, laurel halo, houston


A compilation orchestrated by Malcriado with help from Englesia, cover by Torus featuring art by Kim Ninkuru.

100% of raised funds will be donated to the Greater Houston Autonomous Relief, a grassroots coalition of groups from the Greater Houston community coming together to offer direct support to those most impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Their mission statement is to help each other instead of relying on corporations or the state. The coalition consists of Solidarity Houston, S.H.A.P.E. Center, Campaign Nonviolence Houston, Houston Peace & Justice Center, Houston Anarchist Black Cross, Black Lives Matter Houston Chapter, Resilient Nacogdoches, World On My Shoulders, & Black Women’s Defense League. The funds will go through World On My Shoulders, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, and then will be allocated by on-the-ground need between organisations.  https://www.gofundme.com/greater-houston-autonomous-relief

praxis houston, laurel halo, houston

Other: Crack


29 June 2017

shot by James Perolls for Crack Magazine

laurel halo

Other: NYT


21 June 2017

shot by Mustafah Abdulaziz for the New York Times

laurel halo

Other: Fader


16 June 2017

shot by Eriver Hijano for Fader

laurel halo

Other: Treehugger


shot by Phillip Aumann

laurel halo

Other: Big Hair

Big Hair

Laurel Halo

Other: Sudwest


shot by Phillip Aumann

Laurel Halo

Other: ‘JELLY’ Video

‘JELLY’ Video

From the forthcoming album Dust  on Hyperdub Records, out 23/6/17. Video by Bureau Borsche!

Other: “Until I Make U Smile”

“Until I Make U Smile”

Originally from Still Be Here (2016).

More info here.

Other: “As You Wish”

“As You Wish”

Originally from Still Be Here (2016).

More info here.

Other: Still Be Here in After Us Magazine

Still Be Here in After Us Magazine

Mari Matsutoya and I wrote an article about Still Be Here for After Us Magazine. Check it out here!

Still Be Here in After Us Magazine

Other: YWI EphemeralRift b2b Cat Food Special

YWI EphemeralRift b2b Cat Food Special

Guested on Claire Tolan’s You’re Worth It ASMR show on Berlin Community Radio, where we blended clips of YouTube personality EphemeralRift with various cat sounds (purring, licking, chewing). Beware the occasional meow.

“In an ocean of estrogen…”

Other: Terepa


Other People, 2015

In alphabetical order, Terepa is no less than: Rashad Becker, Charlotte Collin, Lucrecia Dalt, Laurel Halo, Julia Holter, Kohei Matsunaga, and Grégoire Simon. Following a method conceived by Kohei Matsunaga (aka NHK’Koyxen) years ago out of a desire to collaborate with people living distantly, the seven artists recorded two sessions in disparate locations across Los Angeles, Berlin, Osaka, and Paris, the only creative parameter being that they all begin recording simultaneously for a twenty-minute period and that they use no means of communication or monitoring outside of their own telepathic capacities.

Other: Remembering Mountains

Remembering Mountains

2015, Tompkins Square

Made a cover of an unearthed, unrecorded Karen Dalton song for Tompkins Square compilation Remembering Mountains.


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Other: Sean Raspet on Artificial Flavors

Sean Raspet on Artificial Flavors

‘Nebenwirkungen’ from In Situ used for this short film about artist Sean Raspet’s work with artificial flavors.



Other: Still Be Here

Still Be Here

Commissioned by CTM Festival and transmediale for their joint 2016 editions, Still Be Here is a unique collaborative performance that draws us into the multiplying realities of a 21st century pop star, and traces the dynamics at play between fans, corporations and social desires.

“I want you to remake me. I sing and exist only for you.”

Since her 2007 launch in Japan, Hatsune Miku (whose name means “first sound of the future”) has become the ultimate pop star, developed from a vocal synthesizer product into a globally adored and collaboratively constructed cyber celebrity with a growing user community, countless stadium performances as a virtual 3D projection and more than 100,000 songs released worldwide.

Still Be Here explores Hatsune Miku as the crystallisation of collective desires, embodied in the form of a teal-haired virtual idol, forever 16. In watching the deconstruction of this perfect star, the audience comes to the uncanny realisation that Miku is simply an empty vessel onto which we project our own various fantasies. In this void, the topology of desire within a networked community becomes tangible and Miku becomes an allegory of the commodified female body as governed by corporate regulation and normative social etiquette. The performance critically deconstructs this body and speculates on opportunities to transgress it through means of appropriation.

Following an idea initiated and conceptualised by artist Mari Matsutoya, Still Be Here is collectively created with music producer Laurel Halo, award-winning choreographer and visual artist Darren Johnston, virtual artist LaTurbo Avedon and produced by digital artist Martin Sulzer. This project presents a unique arrival of aesthetics between the participating artists, in their search for the identity of Hatsune Miku. The performance / installation employs a collage methodology with user-generated lyrics, referencing many other contributors and countless online authors and creative commons users, whose works will be further interpreted and given new meaning.

Still Be Here was in part developed at a residency at Metal this November 2015, and will premiere as a joint highlight of the CTM / transmediale 2016 festivals before travelling to Donaufestival and the Barbican later in the year.